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Designed for purpose
Renovack | Portfolio | Tetra Designs, affordable websites
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Designed for purpose

Renovack showcases handcrafted bespoke furniture with a strong focus on artistry. For this project we aimed for a minimal and sophisticated design, allowing the furniture the space to breathe and speak for itself. The marriage of modern minimalist aesthetics and stunning craftsmanship makes for a unique user experience.

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Functional yet relaxed

We wanted the website to reflect the artistic ethos of the company and thus collaborated extensively with them. One result of this is the consistent lightness throughout the site reflecting Renovack's minimal ethos. Although the site features a large number of images it doesn't feel bulked down by them - instead they contribute positively to ease the navigation through the site, as well as showing off the company's products.

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Ready for any device

Due to the size and number of images we had to take extra steps to ensure the website performed flawlessly on all devices. This need to work on all devices is becoming increasingly important as the total amount of traffic derived from mobile devices rises past 50%.

Making an athlete out of anyone.