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Making athletes out of anyone
Lavarse | Portfolio | Tetra Designs, affordable websites
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Making marathons easy

The aim of Lavarse is to guide people to discover the joy of running. The company is based on inclusivity and encouraging people to achieve their personal goal. We wanted the website to reflect these exciting and positive ideas. The colour palette we selected for this website attempts to reflect the company's bold and energetic nature.

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Vibrant graphics

Lavarse has a very playful feeling through the whole website which has been achieved through our carefully crafted graphics. These graphics give a dynamic feeling to the website which we feel aligns with Lavarse's philosophy. There is a running theme of curved lines throughout the pages which adds energy, whilst also providing original and engaging page-breaks.

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Functional in every sense

By ensuring the site is mobile ready, users can access their stats and stay updated with the Lavarse community on the move. Optimised for all modern devices, Lavarse is able to offer a complete and satisfying user experience. Designing mobile-first is becoming increasingly important - and Tetra definitely realises this.

A home design website with a twist.